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Egypt of the Pharoahs
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The civilization of ancient Egypt that flourished along the Nile Valley for over three thousand years left a wealth of material remains of unparalleled scope. These objects relate primarily to the extraordinary efforts devoted by theEgyptians to the pursuit of immortality. Their sophisticated funerary cult, together with the dry climate of the Nile Valley, helped preserve mummified bodies, magnificently decorated and opulently supplied tombs, and an abundance of written sources.

The desire to achieve eternal life, shared by all ancient Egyptians, is expressed in their monumental temples and elaborate tombs, which yielded the great majority of objects here on display. The primary function of these objects was to provide their owners with magical protection against perils threatening their eternal survival.

Comprising statues, amulets, stelae, and various funerary items, these objects reflect the  Egyptians’ fascinating culture and shed light on their perception of their gods, their kings, and themselves, within the environment in which their civilization developed. 

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