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Resnick Art Education Training Center
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Resnick Art Education Training Center A national and international center for teacher training functions within the Youth Wing. Its task is to educate, to offer advice and direction, to nurture, and to provide inspiration under ideal study conditions. Teachers and other educators, school principals and coordinators, Education Ministry supervisors, students, and museum educators from other institutions attend year-long courses, study days, and conferences, where they participate in discussions about art education. The collective learning experience at the Museum refines their skills and expands their repertoire of teaching methods.

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Israeli writer Eshkol Nevo leading discussion in the Sands of Time: The Work of Micha Ullman exhibition

Artist-teacher leads self-portraiture-drawing workshop in Summer Course for Art Educators

Resnick Art Education Training Center Curator Lihi Sapir speaks with Art Educators about works, which examined their professional identities 

Art Educators visiting the European Art storeroom

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