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About the Illustration Library
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The existence in a museum of a children's library focusing on illustration is only natural, because illustration is primarily a work of art. But that connection is not always apparent to Museum visitors.

Considering art education to be its mission, the Israel Museum Ruth Youth Wing for Art Education attaches great importance to the establishment of a library of illustrated children's literature. The Library's pioneering documentation and promotion of illustration of children's literature in Israel is a recognition of the role played by children's book illustrations, among the first works of art which children encounter. This is expressed in every plane of the Library's activity.

The Library's unique character is apparent in the choice of cataloging and arranging the books on the shelves according to the illustrators' rather than the authors' last names. The challenge posed to the visitor by adhering to this principle proves its necessity: paradoxically, we recognize and remember an illustration seen in childhood - often with more clarity than the story itself - but we do not know the illustrator's name.

The Youth Wing Library houses more than 7,500 children's books from Israel and abroad. The collection includes books written in Hebrew, Arabic, English, and other languages. A number of the volumes are antique and rare. The Library also houses a collection of books addressing various aspects of art education. Visitors are invited to browse and use the books inside the Library, but the books are not put on loan.

The Library's target audience includes children and parents - who often happily discover books which they enjoyed as children to share with their own children - and a variety of educators, students, and professionals.

The Library presents rotating exhibitions of original illustrations, sometimes in conjunction with the annual exhibitions mounted in the Youth Wing. There is a special reference room in the Library, in which visitors can peruse rare books and original illustrations from the collection.

All Youth Wing programs are in Hebrew unless otherwise stated.

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