The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
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Theatrical Tours for Adults
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Professional actors lead tours, offering an unusual perspective on the works on display at the Museum.

Women Behind the Scenes
A theatrical encounter with 19th and 20th century paintings which focus on women. The actress becomes the central figure in the picture, as she touches upon the artist, the work, the figure and the period, revealing the guarded secrets and engaging stories behind the work. Written and directed by Daniella Shalev.  

Eating with the Eyes
The public is invited to take a fresh and refreshing look at art, food, recipes, and the connections between them. This colorful and appetizing tour caters to a broad array of  tastes. Written and directed by Joyce Klein.

Love and Romance
The actress addresses love and relations between women and men by means of artistic masterpieces, sculptures and objects in the Museum. Written and directed by Joyce Klein.

Fear and Dread
Fear and dread lurk in the Museum, as well. The actor leads visitors on a dramatic tour of skeletons, skulls, death masks and other objects. The tour takes visitors from the Archaeology Wing to the Art of the Americas gallery to the Modern Art gallery and beyond. Written and directed by Joyce Klein. 

To arrange tours for private and other groups: Telephone: 6708805, 6708960

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