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It is not uncommon to see a group in one of the Museum's galleries, crowding around an exhibit and engaging the guide in lively discussion. Sometimes our guides make use of creative aids such as a story, riddles, challenges, or a dramatic presentation,

The Youth Wing's guides have expertise in art or archaeology. They do not limit themselves to the role of intermediary between the visitor and exhibit, but try to encourage critical and creative discussion on topics of culture, art, and society.

Enrich your visit to the Ruth Youth Wing by joining a guided tour, or make a request for a particular tour.

Guided Tours for Adult Groups

The guided tour brings artworks to life, enriching their cultural context and the visitor’s emotional experience. The renewed Museum offers a large selection of activities
and tours adapted to each group.

What’s New in the Museum? Curatorial, architectural, and design changes in the renewed Museum. In what ways has the Museum changed while retaining its character?

It’s All About Love Eros as a motivating force and leitmotif in artworks through the ages – mythological plots in Ancient Greece; Baroque paintings of lovers; marriage ceremonies in Jewish communities; Picasso’s wives as muses; alternative love in contemporary art, etc.

What’s New in the Past? Graves in Ashkelon, ancient settlements uncovered while paving new roads – the past pursues us to this day. A tour among objects dating back millions of years, through the Israelite period and the meeting point between the three monotheistic religions

Temporary exhibitions Take a guided tour of any of the 30-odd exhibitions and special exhibits held in the Museum during the year

To arrange guided tours for groups, call 670-8884 Fax 670-8076 (Emilia) NIS 55 per person (includes admission to Museum; regular admission fee is NIS 48)

Group Tours for Schools and Other Educational Institutions

For details, call Nava Shema at 670-8805; [email protected]

Tours for Special Education Groups

For reservations, call Timnah Shahar at 677-1379; Fax 670-8976 [email protected]

For more information and details in Hebrew

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