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The Israel Museum, Jerusalem collaborates with a variety of communities within the city and throughout Israel.

The Youth Wing for Art Education conducts many community projects, enhancing its relations with the community and employing its unique approach to fostering art education.

The Youth Wing's guided tour for students from the Yemin Orde Youth Village, which was severely damaged in the December, 2010 wildfire in the Carmel Forest.


Community projects and programs include:

Bridging the Gap – A project in which Arab and Jewish youth create art together Details

Ethiopian Community
project Details
Yahad  - A project in which Orthodox and secular Jewish  youth create art together Details
Open Window Dialogue - project for the Arab sector, in Umm al-Fahm Details
Special needs project Details
At-risk Youth project (in collaboration with the ELEM – Youth in Distress in Israel non- profit organization) Details
Disabled Israel Defense Force Vets project (in collaboration with Beit Halochem, sponsored by the Lagasse Foundation) Details
Talented Pupils project - for pupils enrolled in Agaf Shachar, the Israel Ministry of Education Educational Welfare Service Division Details
Project Excellence for outstanding pupils (in collaboration with Manhi – the Jerusalem Education Administration) Details
The Museum Goes to Kindergarten – Kindergarten Goes to the Museum – A preschool project in East and West Jerusalem Details


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