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The Museum Goes to Kindergarten
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Kindergarten Goes to the Museum

Preschool teacher leads activities in Beit Meir, in conjunction with the project

The project serves children throughout East and West Jerusalem. Preschool and kindergarten-age children from both parts of the city of Jerusalem participate in a unique program which acquaints them with the Museum's collections and the language of art.

The program takes place in the Museum and the preschools, and is thus called, "The Museum Goes to Kindergarten – Kindergarten Goes to the Museum."

The Museum visits a preschool in the Sur Baher neighborhood of Jerusalem



In the first phase of the program, an instructor comes from the Museum to the kindergarten, mounting with the children an exhibition of paintings, inspired by paintings on display at the Museum. The children acquire tools with which to observe and interpret. In the second phase, the children visit the Museum and are guided through various objects on display.

The Museum's course for preschool teachers from East Jerusalem, 2008-2009

The kindergarten teachers are a vital element of this program. They receive training and instruction from the Museum's educational staff, and engage in developing the children's skills throughout the year.

Project made possible through the generosity of the Association of Friends of the Israel Museum in Germany and Marion and Stanley Robboy

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