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Project Excellence
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In collaboration with Manhi – the Jerusalem Education Administration

One of the Youth Wing's objectives is to promote the progress of pupils who excel in the arts, from both theoretical and practical artistic perspectives.

This program is intended for pupils who excel in relation to the populations in their schools. Participants in the program are chosen after a lengthy screening process, which includes recommendations from schools, a screening workshop at the Museum and personal interviews.

The construction of a target population of gifted students was designed to create loci of excellence in each and every school. Thus learning takes place in schools and out, in the Museum.

In the Museum: Guided tours of the Museum's wings provide a foundation for theoretical learning which invites continued discussion and investigation of the aspects of archaeology, Judaica and art. In addition to guided tours of various exhibitions, pupils attend practical workshops, making uses of the Youth Wing's resources including various workshops, a rich and varied warehouse of materials, and an experienced staff of artist-teachers.

In school: Pupils engage in investigation and discussion of the social-ethical-cultural subjects, which they studied in museum tours. Learning is suited to the ages of the pupils and the affiliations of their schools.

The learning process includes unique teaching methods, which emphasize development of excellence and foster artistic talents. During the program, each pupil creates a portfolio of work, which includes theoretical investigation of one of the subjects taught in the program and personal art work. At the end of the year, an exhibition of the outcome of their work concludes the learning process.

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