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Open Window Dialogue
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The "Open Window Dialogue" is a joint project of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem  Ruth Youth Wing for Art Education, the Umm al-Fahm Municipality, and the Umm al-Fahm Art Gallery, directed by Said Abu Shakra.

Teachers meeting in the Israel Museum Art Garden

This is one of a number of projects initiated and conducted within and beyond the Youth Wing, in conjunction with the Youth Wing's social commitment to serving various sectors of the population. This project comprised three inter-related phases, including an opening meeting between kindergarten and school teachers in the Museum, students' visits to the Museum, and the establishment of an artistic environment in the city.

Opening meeting for teachers
Tthe Israel Museum's Youth Wing holds a professional-training day for teachers from Umm al-Fahm schools. During that day, the teachers were introduced to the Museum, the project, and the Youth Wing teaching staff, becoming active partners in the project.

Instructional sessions for pupils

Students with artist-teacher Telma Schwartz

High school students from Umm al-Fahm visit the Israel Museum. The Museum visits lay the foundation for the students' continued work on the project.

Open Window Dialogue – establishment of an art environment; the culmination of the project

Students working on the Art Garden in Umm al-Fahm

An Art Garden on the peak of Mt. Iskander in Umm al-Fahm was dedicated in November, 2009. Enormous metal sculptures, resembling windowed houses, were installed in the garden. Painting of the sculptures was inspired by paintings by Jewish and Arab Israeli artists. This joint endeavor and cooperation among participants in the project proves that art has the power to bridge gaps.

Dr. Tali Gavish, Director of the Israel Museum Youth Wing for Art Education, Israel Museum Director James Snyder, and Jonathan Fein representing the Fein Foundation, at the unveiling ceremony in the Art Garden


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