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Yahad project
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Art for religious and secular youth, at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Living together in the city of Jerusalem has failed to create points in which secular and religious Jews come together. Each sector's perception of the other is based mainly on stereotypes adopted by the societies from which they hail.


The Yahad Project is based on the need to enhance relations between religious and secular Jews, and the desire to contribute to and influence society.


The goal of the Yahad project is to permit direct, real, and sincere contact, without stereotype, stemming from mutual respect between secular and religious Jews.

The project combines dialogue between partners (as in the traditional hevruta method of studying Jewish texts in pairs) with shared artistic creation, focusing on subjects derived from the world of Jewish and Israeli identity, and permitting expression of personal opinions, thoughts and feelings of the participants.

In the meetings, they examined issues of Israeli/Jewish identity as it relates to the concept of "place" in personal, social and national contexts.

The participants' work included the creation of an ideal city, based on their own understanding of what that would entail, and their shared examination and conclusions regarding the concept of "place." The project ended with a tour of the Old City of Jerusalem and the City of David archaeological excavations, as a continuation of their observation of the Second Temple Period Jerusalem Model at the Museum, and a joint exhibition at the headquarters of Gesher – Bridging the Gap between Religious & Secular non-profit organization.


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