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A number of departments staffed with experts in their fields, work together in the Ruth Youth Wing for Art Education to meet the needs of visitors.


Each of the more than 100 exhibitions mounted by the Ruth Youth Wing to date has addressed a particular theme such as: “Food in Art: A Matter of Taste," which examined the many aspects of food portrayed in art; "Beauty and the Book," which shed new light on the multi-faceted world of the book; and “It’s About Time,” which marked the onset of the third millennium and delved into the concept of time.  

The exhibitions displayed in the Ruth Youth Wing have secured its reputation in Israel and abroad, attracting visitors of all ages. The experiential-learning character of the exhibitions expands horizons and develops creative thinking. The exhibitions create an alternative learning environment, which blends observation and activity, simultaneously engaging  and challenging the visitor.

The Youth Wing is also home to rare collections, all of which hail from the world of the child, featuring toys, dolls, rare books, and illustrations. They are used in research and exhibitions, and also loaned to museums in other countries.

Some 200,000 visitors come to the Youth Wing annually.

Head of the Ruth Youth Wing and Head of Exhibitions
Dr. Tali Gavish
e-mail: [email protected]

Activities and Events

The Ruth Youth Wing initiates, plans, and produces cultural programs and events for children, families, and adults. Produced in conjunction with the Museum's exhibitions, the programs are designed to broaden the horizons of participants.

Children’s programming includes the unique Youth Wing Library, in which books are arranged on the shelves according to the illustrators' names, the Recycling Workshop, the Archaeological Tell, day camps, birthday celebrations, bar and bat mitzvah celebrations, special holiday workshops, and more.

Activities for adults include lectures, cultural events series, gallery talks, encounters with artists and curators, the monthly “Friday at the Museum” program, and special cultural evenings. Summer dance, classical music, and other musical performances complete the picture. The leading lecturers, experts, and artists in their fields take part in these programs. We welcome you to join us on this unique cultural journey and enjoy the spectrum of events that make for an unforgettable visit to the Museum.

35,000 children and parents participate annually in family programs; 5,000 adults participate annually in adult programs.

Guided tours

The Museum's Guided Tours Department offers a broad range of tours of the Museum's galleries, including tours of rotating and permanent exhibitions.

Groups of visitors to the Museum are frequently seen crowded around a work of art, engaged in lively conversation with their tour guides. Groups may consist of children, soldiers, students, or families. With an eye toward the target audience, guides supplement tours with creative materials and implements, stories, riddles, challenges, and even theatrical productions, with the intention of strengthening the visitors' direct connection to the original works of art. Experts in the fields of art and archaeology, the Youth Wing's guides lend professional and personal breadth to the guiding experience. Their guiding is not limited to bridging the gap between visitors and displays – it also strives to stimulate critical and creative discussion of topics pertaining to the connections between culture, art, and society.

Some 40,000 visitors of all ages and from every sector of society participate in some 2,000 tours annually.

Dita and Paul Morawetz Curator of Guided Tours
Flavia Lwow
e-mail: [email protected]

Art Courses

Art lovers with an urge to create on their own find that the Ruth Youth Wing's art courses combine instruction by teacher-artists and an environment which stimulates creativity, in a mix which only a museum with its own collection of original art can offer. The learning process prompts animated and topical discussion; permits free artistic development and realization of personal talent; and promotes original thinking and expressions of personal statements.

The courses focus on a variety of artistic fields, including drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, animation, digital drawing, and ceramics. Participants include new immigrants, veteran citizens, people with special needs, and members of many communities within Israel's diverse social mosaic.

Some 1,000 students aged 5-95 attend art courses annually.

Senior Curator of Art Courses
Eldad Shaaltiel
e-mail: [email protected]

Courses for educators

The Museum's continuing education and teachers' training program was designed to teach, advise, nurture, direct, inspire, and provide educators with ideal learning conditions. The department's target audience comprises teachers of various subjects, educators, school principals, school supervisors, local and foreign students, and museum educators. Participants gain inspiration from a multi-disciplinary and personal approach which facilitates acquisition of new skills and enhancement of the skills they bring to the program.

Some 350,000 educators participate annually in courses for educators; 1,500 participate annually in seminars and national conferences mounted by the department.

Curator of the Resnick Art Education Training Center
Lihi Sapir
e-mail: [email protected]

Research and Development

The Ruth Youth Wing for Art Education is constantly searching for ways to bridge the gaps between the broad public and the Museum's displays. In order to enhance the public's access to the Museum, the Youth Wing's staff has created a type of laboratory in which to develop printed and digital resources to instruct and enrich people of all ages and from every sector of the population. Research and Development staff aspire to coordinate and support production of printed brochures, printed hand-outs about Museum displays, and activities in conjunction with Museum exhibitions, in keeping with the Youth Wing's vision and inspired by the Museum's displays.

The Research and Development department formulates ideas and develops projects in the field of art education, creating user-friendly products adapted to the trends of contemporary culture and the needs of the target audience. The department is also working diligently to develop an internet site for the Ruth Youth Wing of Art Education, which will be rich, intensive, familiar to the public, and interactive.

Head of Research and Development and Associate Curator of “Fridays at the Museum”
Daniella Shalev
e-mail: [email protected]






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